Arduino Case Design

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*Followed YouTube video “Designing an Arduino Uno Enclosure with Fusion 360” tutorial : Designing an Arduino Uno Enclosure with Fusion 360


Using Fusion 360 version 2.0.3125

Use sketch tool to create rectangular shape of box (size of Arduino) and add in Arduino mounting holes (should reference Arduino UNO drawing for physical dimensions)



Make sure you select the rectangular body and the 4 holes (5 objects selected) when you extrude to get a fully enclosed box:


Select Shell on the body type just created and do 1.6mm outside



Create a midplane and the split the body so you have a top and bottom half



Add support pins



Add some 4mm standoffs

Add 10mm standoffs for connecting top lid



Add chamfer to stand off connectors so they will fit



Bring in Arduino 3D model and create joint so it’s placed on bottom of case



One of the dimensions I used was incorrect or the 3D model I imported of

the Arduino board was different from the original because the audio port got cut off

but since this is just a test case I’m going to leave it as is.


View of final design



Can save the top and bottom lid as STL file for 3D printing

Loaded bottom lid enclosure onto Shapeways website for 3D printing and it passed automatic checks and estimates 13.77 USD to print.




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