Shapeways 3D Printing Sample Materials Kit

2017-03-28 02:23:17 by

I came across Shapeways 3D printing sample material kits and was interested to see how different materials looked when printed with a 3D printer. Since my 3D printer can only print in plastics I ordered the Basic Kit (at the time it was around 29 USD but they were offering a 25 USD credit so it was a good deal) to see the difference in materials. From the photo you can see you get several different types but the most impressive me was stainless steel – it looks really good. I know you can have Shapeways and other companies take your 3D cad file and make jewelry for you and it look like they have all sorts of metals and polishes to choose from. It was worth it to get the material kit because it helps you see and feel the other materials and even inspires you a little bit I think for your next project.


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