Choosing A Phone VOIP Service for Your Business

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Choosing A Phone VOIP Service for Your Business


Business telephone systems have evolved over the years from the traditional landline to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone services that rely on the internet to transfer and convert voice and data communications. has an in-depth article on VOIP vs. Landline with the following comparison chart:


The biggest driver of VOIP phone systems has been reduced cost compared to land lines. Most businesses these days use a VOIP system whether they realize it or not. In this article I’m going to review several of the more popular business phone VOIP systems and provide recommendations on the best VOIP provider for your business.


Review of VOIP Providers


Vonage is one of the most popular business VOIP service providers and they offer over 40 features for their business phone plans. They have a mobile only plan where you use an app on your phone or an app on your computer and they also have a traditional desktop phone plan as well starting at $39.99 per month per line.

Ringcentral is another big player in the business VOIP scene and they have several business plans:


Ooma is lesser known but also a great choice for business VOIP services and they have a business plan starting at $19.99 per line:

Choosing A VOIP Service Provider for Your Business


Most of the VOIP services will have more than enough calling features for you so I don’t think features is really going to be the defining factor in choosing a VOIP provider.

If you have more than 5 employees than I would recommend going with Ringcentral. I think once you start adding on extra features for multiple office employees the cost of Ringcentral will be lower than Vonage.


But my main recommendation is for Ooma which I have been using for years. Here’s what I really like about it:

  • You can use a normal phone (by plugging into their phone router device) which is a big deal for me because other VOIP providers make you use an IP phone which can be expensive and limited choices
  • For a single business owner you could use Ooma home plan and get free calling (once you buy the phone router and still have to pay monthly federal taxes and fees just like any VOIP service)


No matter what VOIP provider you choose make sure to do your homework (as some features can add up quickly) but also don’t overlook some of the smaller VOIP providers as they may have everything you need.


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