Using the MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board from Microchip

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Using MPLAB Xpress Eval Board for Microchip PIC Development

A short tutorial on setting up and running an example program on the MPLAB Xpress eval board using a Microchip PIC device


Overview of the MPLAB Xpress Eval Board





Microchip User Guide




Setting Up in MPLAB XPRESS IDE (online) and Running LED Example


Open example ‘breathing_led’



Open Project Properties


Make sure Hardware Tools shows Simulator/Xpress Board


This should also show up under Debug Tools


Make and Program the Device


If it compiles successfully then the .hex file will be downloaded locally to the PC

Drag and drop this .hex file to the USB mass storage device and it should run automatically



And that’s it!

This is an interesting development board to try and get engineers started using the cloud version of their MPLAB X IDE environment. The express version has examples loaded in the cloud and it works pretty well. It’s a little strange to have to drag and drop the hex file to run but it works.


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