Review of 7in HDMI Raspberry Pi Touch Screen

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Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi and Other Embedded Projects

At some point in most embedded projects you are going to want to add a screen to display some type of information and today I’m going to review a raspberry pi touch screen.

I’ve got a couple of projects I’m working on where I need to 1) display information (like the weather for example) and 2) allow basic user input (like choosing which day to display the weather for) so I’ve been looking for some screens to try out.

I found the Eleduino 7in HDMI Touchscreen on Amazon for @ 60 bucks so I decided to pick one up and try it out. Overall I think it’s a great little monitor – I got it working with Ubuntu 16.04 but it supports Raspberry Pi and Windows as well.

Unboxing and Assembly of Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

Here’s the box it came in:

Taking it out of the packaging:

Looking at the backside of the screen you can see the controller board:

This seems to be the new design style: an HDMI connection and a USB connection that provides both the power to the screen and then touch interface.

Instruction and Setup Guide:

Included USB cable:

The back plate and stand:

You need to assemble the monitor if you want to use the back plate and the stand.

Looking at the face plate that goes over the outside of the screen:

You can tell this has been laser cut from a thick plastic. It seems pretty sturdy but it’s not painted so unlike the product photo you may want to paint this for your final project.

The back plate has pre-drilled holes to mount different devices like a Raspberry Pi:

There are plastic screws and nuts that you use to attach the face plate to the screen and then the screen to the back plate. It’s actually a pretty interesting design to do it the way they did it as it allows you to stack up the boards.

Putting the stand together:

The stand seems not that sturdy but once you put the screen in there I thought it worked pretty well.

Here’s a close up of it all together in the stand:

Side view:

Summary of Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

Finally here’s Ubuntu Linux running on it:

No drivers needed – just plug into USB and it worked out of the box.

The capacitive touch works pretty good – not as accurate as a 10 point display like an iPad – but good enough for an embedded GUI interface. The resolution is still pretty good at 800×480 so overall a good screen for an embedded project.


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