3D Printing on A Whole New Level – Check out Formlabs Sample Print

2017-07-21 17:09:48 by

Formlabs makes a  Stereolithography (SLA) High Resolution 3D printer called Form 2. (They are on their second generation model) I won’t go into the different types of 3D printers out there but the standard type most people think of is when you extrude hot plastic material and build up your 3D shape. SLA is quite different in that it uses a high power laser on liquid resin material and that forms the solid 3D shape.

From wikipedia:


The point is going from a sub $1000 USD 3D ABS printer to a $3500 USD SLA printer you can get amazing resolution and quality. I’ve seen the Form 1 around for a while (and saw the founder in a documentary called Print the Legend about the birth of the maker 3D industry which is interesting all by itself) but finally decided to order a free sample. My photos below of a chess piece (using just my iphone camera):





Wow. To see the quality in person it’s just amazing. If you’ve been using a traditional 3D ABS printer – do not – I repeat do not get a free sample from formlabs because then you will want one.


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