More Water Quality and Environmental Sensors for Connected Pool Monitor

2017-07-21 17:06:25 by

So I decided to get a couple of more environmental sensors for my pool monitor:



The turbidity sensor essentially uses light to measure how clear the water is (simplification) and that can be used as a general metric on overall water quality.


The UV sensor will be used to measure the UV index of the sun and can be used for two things: 1) tell user what UV index is along with air temperature for general swimming conditions and 2) measure sun intensity and correlate to pool water evaporation and chemical use.


I’m going to swap out the analog temperature sensor I have with the DHT11 which is a combined digital air temperature and humidity sensor so I can also display humidity to the end user.


I also got a simple water level sensor that I can use to measure water level in pool and try to come up with a value on pool water evaporation.


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