Week 3: Designing an IoT Product

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Follow along with me in this video series as I build an IoT product from start to finish – check out the project page!


This Week’s Summary

Here’s a summary of what happened last week on my “Designing an IoT Product” video series:

  • Spent a lot of time gathering together the different probes and buffer solutions I need to start testing pH of the pool water. I’ll talk about what I have and my plan for testing more in the accompanying video.
  • I also purchased a cheap TDS (total dissolved solids) meter for less than 10 dollars. Remember that TDS is another high level water quality metric that can be used to assess your pool water quality. Interesting thing here is that most TDS meters really measure electrical conductivity and then you can convert results to TDS ppm style measurement. Also interesting that you can buy 10 dollar meter but a probe that measures Electrical Conductivity is over 100 dollars.
  • HackADay contest entry deadline is July 24th – need to be done with proof of concept by next Monday!


Design Notes and Current Challenges

  • An interesting article on waterproof rated design enclosures. Since part of my pool monitor will be going in the water and part will need to be outside (or at least waterproof the electronics) this is something I need to look into more.
  • Looking at different potential display options Microchip has a pic device that supports lower power LCD displays that looks pretty interesting.
  • Maxim has interesting whitepaper on design security.
  • Huge guide “The Engineer’s Guide to Printed Electronics” has wealth of information on everything you ever wanted to know about printed electronic technology.


Business Notes and Current Challenges

  • Need to put together a business plan for the HackaDay Contest I entered


Plans for Next Week

  • Get pH, ORP, and water temp probes/sensors displaying data to the screen
  • Use the Redbear BLE shield to send data to iPhone app
  • Make a business plan

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