Week 4: Designing an IoT Product

2017-07-24 23:33:44 by

Follow along with me in this video series as I build an IoT product from start to finish – check out the project page!


This Week’s Summary

Here’s a summary of what happened last week on my “Designing an IoT Product” video series:

  • This week I put a lot of work into getting a working proof of concept video together for the HackADay contest deadline that ended Monday morning – I was able to test and correlate the pH of my pool water – so I’m going to call this a successful proof of concept!
  • Did a lot of testing and calibration work on the pH meter – read full post here


Design Notes and Current Challenges

  • Decided to focus on Wi-Fi connectivity and drop Bluetooth for now. I think Wi-Fi will be easier solution to setup – serve up local webpage with results and also do a basic iPhone app. Since proof-of-concept is going to be plugged in to AC power don’t really need benefits of low power Bluetooth.
  • Looked at more powerful Arduino boards and settled on the Arduino Mega as upgrade if required since it has more GPIO pins and larger memory size (for touch screen with graphics)


The MEGA 2560 is designed for more complex projects. With 54 digital I/O pins, 16 analog inputs and a larger space for your sketch it is the recommended board for 3D printers and robotics projects. This gives your projects plenty of room and opportunities.

From <https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-mega-2560-rev3>

  • Having consumer calibrate pH and ORP probe may be difficult to do.


Business Notes and Current Challenges

  • Created the business plan for the HackaDay contest


Plans for Next Week

  • Going to be a light week as I recover from meeting the contest deadline 🙂

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