Week 5: Designing An IoT Product

2017-08-01 03:02:00 by


Follow along with me in this video series as I build an IoT product from start to finish – check out the project page!


This Week’s Summary

Here’s a summary of what happened last week and what I talk about in the video:


  • What I learned from writing the business plan for the Hackaday contest
    • Market research is important to know your competition (what features they have and you don’t and vice versa), get a baseline for pricing, and figure out your value sell (in my case it’s saving consumer money and time)
    • Running the pool pump efficiently will save consumer money, be greener by conserving electricity, and is a feature competition does not have
  • Going to use an IoT device cloud service to connect pool monitor to show what it’s like to setup and deploy a real product vs. putting on your own local Wi-Fi Network
  • Next week going to setup few more sensors (UV sensor and turbidity) and run data collection and start analyzing data (Remember one of our goals for a prototype was to validate product idea would actually work)


Design Notes and Current Challenges

  • Going to need a secure way to connect to Wi-Fi and allow consumer to interact with device and data. Trying to roll my own cloud device data service on something like Amazon cloud would be interesting to do but it’s just not feasible for this project. I want to keep the focus on the device hardware and usability so I’m going to go with an existing cloud provider solution. Right now it looks like Electric Imp is the front runner.
  • Found a new LCD display option – it comes with drag and drop GUI design software to create the display GUI and store it on an SD card. Going to look into this one more depth!

Business Notes and Current Challenges


Plans for Next Week

  • Finish connecting up remaining sensors and save data to SD card over 24 hour period

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