Week 6: Designing an IoT Product

2017-08-08 02:49:21 by

Follow along with me in this video series as I build an IoT product from start to finish – check out the project page!


This Week’s Summary

Here’s a summary of what happened last week:

  • Before I can start collecting data I realized I need to have a weather proof case to store my electronics in. I decided to use an outdoor outlet cover and it’s just enough space to hold an Arduino Uno and small breadboard for a prototype.


Design Notes and Current Challenges

  • N/A


Business Notes and Current Challenges

  • One of my goals for this project was to bring a real product to the market. I envisioned multiple ways this could happen like making a kit to purchase or crowd funding. Right now I think the most realistic scenario is making an Arduino shield that would either contain or connect to the various environmental sensors and water quality sensors like a pH probe. This would probably involve designing my own pH conversion circuit and including a Wi-Fi module on the shield PCB layout.
  • The more I work on this project the more I keep thinking that this should be marketed more as an addition to your pool filter setup rather than a stand alone IoT gadget you drop in your pool. It makes sense to tie into the pool filtering/cleaning. Maybe the product should be out of sight / out of mind for the customer?


Plans for Next Week

  • Finish connecting up remaining sensors and save data to SD card over 24 hour period (Still to Do)



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